Partners appointed to £7 billion National Construction framework

Scape Group, the public sector owned built environment specialist, has appointed Willmott Dixon, Robertson, Wates and Lendlease as lead contractors across the five lots of its new National Construction framework.

The framework introduces multiple lead contractors, supported by an extensive local supply chain, for the first time within Scape’s suite of national frameworks and has the highest value of any framework ever procured in the UK. The £7 billion upper value across four years, and the unique structure of the framework, ensures capacity and the most comprehensive mix of skills and expertise to deal with all construction projects a public body might need to deliver. The incumbent National Major Works framework, which this replaces, has an upper value of £1.25 billion over four years.

Lot Region Lot value Project value Contractor
1 Major Works England & Northern Ireland £1.5 to £1.75 billion £2-20 million Willmott Dixon
2 Major Works Wales £300 to £500 million £2-20 million Willmott Dixon
3 Major Works Scotland £500 to £750 million £2-20 million Robertson
4 Major Works UK £1.5 to £2 billion £10-50 million Wates
5 Principal Works (UK) £1.5 to £2 billion £50 million+ Lendlease

The types of projects the framework might facilitate includes (but are not limited to) significant regeneration schemes, new primary and secondary schools, universities and colleges, court buildings, hospitals and the wider public estate.

Mark Robinson, Scape Group Chief Executive, comments:

“The competition for this framework was fierce and the quality of bids extremely high. Willmott Dixon, Robertson, Wates and Lendlease evidenced the right blend of quality and value offers, along with the expertise and capacity to deliver the diverse needs of the public sector both now and in the future. The possible Brexit cost to the construction sector due to a loss of EU talent, the increased costs of building material imports and higher tariffs could be significant, so a robust and stable delivery model led by strong contractors and supported by local enterprise, like the National Construction framework, will be an important delivery option for the public sector as we progress through the next four years.

“Our built environment underpins the economic growth and attractiveness of the UK from an inward investment perspective, so facilitating their delivery is vital to the health of the wider economy. The National Construction framework, structured with multiple lead contractors, ensures public sector bodies have capacity and expertise at their fingertips. Governed by our rigorous performance management processes, we will ensure that this framework, will continue our heritage of speed and quality of delivery, with social value sitting at the heart of project success. The new framework provides significant opportunities for SMEs and microbusinesses, with current projections estimating the supply chain to feature over 70,000 businesses.

“The biggest challenge for public sector bodies is continuing to deliver a high-quality, cost-effective built environment with enduring benefits for the local community at a time when resources are stretched to near-breaking point. It is the most challenging environment I have seen in my career.”

As with all of Scape’s frameworks, each of the lead contractors was selected through a tender process that is compliant with European, UK and Scottish legislation and was based on an objective evaluation of cost and quality, as well as a rigorous set of social, economic and environmental sustainability criteria.

Scape will ensure that all projects are performance managed using key performance indicators that focus upon cost and time efficiencies, client satisfaction, as well as ensuring optimum levels of training and apprenticeships, local supply chain usage and supply chain fair payment terms.

This framework will fully replace Scape’s National Major Works framework from May 2017.