Nu-Heat underfloor heating for contemporary underground dwelling

The property: Ashbrook Annex, South Oxfordshire

A contemporary, single storey, highly-glazed dwelling built into the surrounding hillside with zoned screed underfloor heating connected to the property’s home automation system.

Project location: South Oxfordshire

Project type: Creation of a bespoke, underground family home with large areas of glazing

Requirements: Bespoke, high-performance screed underfloor heating solution with zoned control connected to the building’s home automation system

Total UFH area: 221.8m2

Solution: Nu-Heat SL14 high heat output screed underfloor heating

Client: Ashbrook Homes

Project brief
Nu-Heat were tasked with the design and supply of a bespoke, efficient underfloor heating (UFH) system for Ashbrook Annex, a single-storey, contemporary dwelling built into the hillside in South Oxfordshire.

The UFH had to be zoned for efficient heating control and low running costs, as well as have a high heat output to offset heat losses from the property’s glazed frontage. The system was also required to integrate with the property’s home automation system.

Project solution
Nu-Heat screed underfloor heating

Nu-Heat specified and supplied a high heat output, liquid screed UFH solution with Cliptrack, which was specifically designed for Ashbrook Annex. Easily installed during the construction of the building floor, Nu-Heat SL14 minimised potential impact on the overall build schedule, and proved a cost-effective, efficient solution for the property’s heating requirements.

SL14 comprises Fastflo UFH tubing, which is held in place by Cliptrack, before liquid screed is poured over the top.

  • High performance heat output
  • Works well with setback time control
  • Tried and tested, cost effective solution
  • Bespoke designed to the property
  • Simple to install
  • Floor components fitted at first-fix stage
  • Full design performance indemnity

Client review
James Barrett, Ashbrook Homes:

He explains:

“We wanted the property to be modern, but not ‘in your face’”

“And we also wanted it to be cheap to run. Underfloor heating is the perfect fit. We didn’t need to worry about the location of radiators – which would have been difficult to accommodate as much of the front of the house is glazed.”

“I have used Nu-Heat in other projects and have always found them to be well-priced, prompt and helpful in the design stages. Above all they offer a good product.”

“We (Ashbrook Homes) installed the system ourselves and find it simple and straightforward. Laid under a liquid screed the system integrates perfectly with a new-build property with a minimum loss to head-height. Important for underground living!”

“An added bonus to our Nu-Heat underfloor heating is how easily it linked up with the home automation system. This means that we don’t need to worry about the schedules or performance, as they simply take care of themselves.”

System information and project advice
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Use our expertise to confidently specify tailored underfloor heating and acoustic solutions that are backed by free, lifetime, technical system support for your client.

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