Heat up your home with AmberDry Foil Mats

The AmberDry underfloor heating Foil Mat offers the perfect solution for keeping every house warm and cosy.

With an aluminium dissipation layer for even heat, the simple to use AmberDry mats can be hidden under floors, banishing any space saving problems.

Suited to floating laminate and engineered wood floor finishes, the easy to install heating system removes any requirement for a latex layer which means it can be inserted directly under wood floor.

The AmberDry Foil Mat must be fitted onto the Amber-XPS insulation, and topped with a 500 gauge polythene layer, to create an effective heating solution for the home.

With a 10-year-warranty, the underfloor heating foil mats provide trouble free warm floors, keeping feet toasty all year round.

For further information on Amber, please visit www.amberufh.co.uk or contact 0800 056 0494.