Four projects in running for the Kasper Salin Prize for Best Building of the Year

The Kasper Salin Prize for the Best Building of the Year is the oldest, most prestigious architectural award in Sweden. Those nominated for the prize this year were announced today. These include the extension to the Museum of Sketches for Public Art by Elding Oscarson, an elderly care housing by Marge, an expansion wing for an art collection by Petra Gipp, and a school in Gothenburg by Wahlström & Steijner Arkitekter.

Jury Chair Bolle Tham, founder of Tham & Videgård Arkitekter said: “The nominated projects show, for each in their own scale and varying prerequisites, the results of exceptionally good architectural effort. They each provide inspired and detailed answers to functional requirements, technical solutions and design, regardless of architectural features. This speaks for these buildings serving well over time, making them truly sustainable.”

The Kasper Salin Prize has been awarded to a chosen building every year since 1962 by Architects Sweden. The jury includes experienced and highly reputable architects who conduct in-depth research and on-site study of each building. This year the Architectural Awards of Architects Sweden will be held 28 November at the Cirkus in Stockholm.

The nominees are:

Trädgårdarna, elderly care housing in Örebro. Architect: Marge Arkitekter, with senior architects MSA Susanne Ramel, Linda Björn and Katarina Grundsell. Commissioned by: Örebro Municipality through Marie Villman and Skanska Sverige through Thorbjörn Lindvall.

Landmäreskolan in Gothenburg. Architect:  Wahlström & Steijner Arkitekter, through senior architect MSA Jürgen Wahlström. Commissioned by: Lokalförvaltningen, City of Gothenburg, through Charlotte Odbratt.

Bruksgården, expansion wing in Höganäs. Architect: Architect MSA Petra Gipp. Commissioned by: Lindéngruppen, through Jenny Lindén Urnes.

Museum of Sketches for Public Art in Lund, new entrance and restaurant. Architect: Elding Oscarson, through senior architects MSA Jonas Elding and Johan Oscarson. Commissioned by: Statens Fastighetsverk (National Property Board).

Mr Tham adds:

“The jury’s work clearly identifies the critical value of initial architectural decisions in ensuring that the concept can withstand the challenges presented by the process of completing the building. This is naturally impacted by the developer’s attitudes and this appears to be common to each of the nominated projects – the architect has been entrusted to lead activities throughout.”

This year’s jury included Bolle Tham, Architect SAR/MSA, Tham & Videgård Arkitekter, Ewa Westermark, Architect SAR/MSA, Gehl Architects, Monica von Schmalense, Architect SAR/MSA, White Arkitekter, and Thomas Sandell, Architect SIR/MSA SAR/MSA, Sandellsandberg Arkitekter.